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May 8th 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

Rawdon Parish Council had planned a spectacular Street Party in Micklefield Park to celebrate, but that has had to be postponed until we win the current battle the country is facing. WW2 ended on 2nd September and we hope to have an event close to then.

That doesn’t mean we can’t mark the day though and our challenge is to turn Rawdon Red White and Blue to commemorate the victory and the peace it would herald.

It will also be our chance to say THANK YOU to all those who fought in WW2 and to remember those who gave their lives.

What can you and your household do on Friday 8th May?

1. We would like our younger residents to create VE Day themed posters and Union Jacks to display in their windows.

2. We would like residents to decorate their homes in the colours of red, white and blue. If you have flags and bunting you can display that would be even better.

3. At 3.00pm please open your windows and stand in your doorways to sing Vera Lynn’s war-time anthem “We’ll Meet Again.” echoing the Queens message to the nation.

The Neighbourhood Network “Aireborough Voluntary Services to the Elderly” - AVSED members will also be leading the singing on-line. We are sure during our present challenging times you will want to join us in celebrating such a key element

of our national historical heritage. Please share your posts of your VE Day decorated homes, garden party style picnics and doorstep singalongs to this site.

Let’s put Rawdon firmly on the map of our national VE Day celebrations, taking the opportunity our full respect for all our residents who served in World War 2. Other areas like Guiseley and Horsorth are also planning to do the same.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful support....we can do this together!



Rawdon Parish Council realises  that with the Covid-19 virus measures being implemented by the government, many people will not know who to contact if they want to offer help or if they need help themselves. Over 70's are being asked to self isolate to try to ensure they do not catch the virus and not everyone will have access to support to help them do that.

With that in mind Rawdon Parish Council will help as much as we can. We will collect information of those offering help and those needing help and share it with other groups seeking to provide support. 

CAN YOU OFFER HELP? Every  little thing can help. From being a friendly voice on the phone for someone self isolating on their own, to collecting shopping. It will all help.

DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP? Not everyone will be able to contact us to ask for help.If you know of anyone who might need help and may not be able to ask for themselves, p;ease tell us. 

DO YOU NEED ANY HELP YOURSELF? Whatever you need we will try to pass your request on to someone who can get that help for you.

If you would like to get involved or would like to tell us about somebody who is vulnerable please click on this link


Otherwise you can call us on 0113 250 3680 (Answerphone out of office hours)

You can also contact our MP online at www.stuartandrew.com/contact or you can email him at stuart.andrew.mp@parliment.uk or phone his office on 0113 250 3680

Please take every precaution to ensure all we are spreading is kindness. Avoid physical contact and wash your hands regularly with soap.

Visit the NHS website for the latest advice at https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 


Neighbourhood  Plan – The Next Steps

Our Neighbourhood Plan is nearly completed. We need your views. A copy of the Draft Plan has been posted to all Rawdon households with a questionnaire.

To fill it in online pleas use this link before 21st February 2020.

(5th Feb 2020) 


The Planning Committee to be held on the 8th January 2020 has been cancelled due to no plans being put forward this month. (4th Jan 2020)


Rawdon Parish Council Press Release. 20th December 2019

Rawdon Parish Council Welcomes LCC decision to scrap Airport Link Road plans.

Rawdon Parish Council is pleased to see that Leeds City Council has responded to the feedback that we and others provided concerning their ill conceived and controversial Airport Link Road Plans.

They were aware of a previous report by Scott Wilson that dismissed the proposed routes on the basis they would not attract sufficient traffic to be justified.

Rawdon Parish Council believed that very little of the traffic using the A65 between Rawdon Crematorium and Rawdon traffic lights was actually bound for the airport and therefore there was no justification for spending £100million plus that could be better spent elsewhere. They also believed, like everyone else who lives in the area, that the real source of congestion and delays accessing the airport by road are caused by the heavily congested outer ring road and its often gridlocked junction with the A65 at Horsforth Roundabout.

In order to test their beliefs they conducted a very comprehensive traffic survey with Councillors themselves standing at junctions counting and recording the number of cars. Their study confirmed that only a tiny proportion of cars on that stretch of road at rush hour are airport bound.

The first survey was done in the early part of the year during winter in order to complete it before consultation deadlines. They have since conducted further traffic counts to establish if the pattern is different in the summer. Although there were slightly higher levels of traffic heading to the Airport, the basic conclusions were confirmed.

Neil Hunt (Parish Council Chairman) said,

“We concluded that there could be no justification for spending £100million plus on a link road that would serve few airport users, do little to relieve congestion and tear a scar right through the middle of our Green Belt. That is especially the case when the main reason that improvements to the Ring Road have been dismissed in the past has been an apparent lack of funds. The Climate Emergency declared by Leeds City Council is one more significant reason not to tarmac over green spaces to build a road that would have been more of a trophy project than a useful piece of infrastructure. The climate, the airport and our road network would benefit far more if that money was used to address the real problems, where significant congestion leads to increased pollution and dramatically extended journey times”

“ I understand Leeds are to make new proposals that centre more on rail access and park-n-ride schemes. I hope they will engage with us and other local organisations more fully before they make their proposals. That way, if they are well designed and are likely to reduce the amount of traffic congesting on our roads, the whole community should be able to support the new plans.”

Contact Neil Hunt C/O Lis Moore (Parish Clerk) clerk@rawdonparishcouncil.gov.uk


Following the local council elections held on the 2nd May 2019,  please see our new elections results page under council info


Rawdon Parish Council has been considering the Airport link road consultation, our  response can be seen here, 

Download our response here


The latest copy of Rawdon Matters 13 has been delivered to Rawdon residents, download a copy here, covering our thoughts on the airport link road.


Victory in Battle to save Green Belt

Inspectors to overrule Leeds City Council
Following a lengthy battle by Rawdon Parish Council and others, post hearing notes issued by the Government Planning Inspectors indicate that all Green Belt areas of Leeds earmarked for possible future housing development are set to be fully protected.
Rawdon Parish Council has always opposed the use of Greenbelt sites in Leeds City Council’s plans. Following a public inquiry held at the Civic Hall the Inspector has issued interim views on the Council’s plan stating that all Greenbelt sites should remain in the Greenbelt and all Broad Location Sites should be removed from the plan and returned to Green Belt.

This effectively overrules Leeds City Council’s proposal to treat local Greenbelt as ‘Broad Locations’ which would have earmarked it for future development. The Inspectors have indicated that it is not justified to have broad locations in the SAP and have asked the Council to carry out further work to remove these from the plan (and retain the land as Green Belt) along with the removal of any references to phasing. At this stage all other allocations for housing would remain as proposed.
Neil Hunt, Chairman of Rawdon Neighbourhood Plan, said
“This is excellent news for Rawdon. The Inspectors’ initial notes fully reflect the views expressed by Rawdon Parish Council in our submissions. Our views were put to the hearing by our professional planning consultant and it is now clear that between us, Ward Councillors, our MP and various community groups, we were able to persuade the Inspectors to support our views.”
In line with the recent introduction of the GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation, Rawdon Parish council has set a policy of how individuals data will be handled, you can view this policy by following this link.


Saturday 30 June 2018 2pm - 5.30pm
Micklefield Park, New Road Side, Rawdon  Admission Free Traditional children's races, various handicraft competitions; tombola, raffle, stalls, local dancers and musicians, and lots more......


Rawdon Parish Council alongside many other groups have been piling pressure on Leeds City Council to revise its excessive and destructive housing targets.

The good news is that Leeds has bowed to that pressure and are conducting a selective review of their ‘Core Strategy’, their overarching development plan for the City. The bad news is that it means yet another consultation we MUST respond to.

We need your help yet again. Please write to the City Council in response
to this latest consultation which ends on 23rd March.

Please click on this link to down load the Special Bulletin from Rawdon Matters


Film Screening:

Greenacre Hall Sunday 20th May. 3pm

Following the screening, at Greenacre Hall, of the films ‘The Battle of The Somme’ in February, we will be showing the "Dambusters" film in its restored format.

Please click on the link for the response from Rawdon Parish Council to the Leeds SAP Revised Submission Draft Consultation
Rawdon SAP Response Final 22.02.18

All responses should be made to Leeds City Council by 5pm Monday 26th February 2018
Film Screening:

Greenacre Hall Sunday 25th Feb. 3pm

Following the screening, at Greenacre Hall, of the films ‘The Battle of The Somme’
and ‘The Imitation Game’, we will be showing further films in remembrance of
significant events in both world wars. On 25th February we will be showing
Christopher Nolan’s multiple Oscar nominated 2017 film, Dunkirk. A harrowing yet
unmissable account of the evacuation of Dunkirk. The film will be shown in high
definition on a giant screen in Greenacre Hall. Admission is free and tea, coffee and
biscuits will also be provided free of charge. The film is rated 12 and anyone 12 or over is welcome.____________________________________________________________

There is a new copy of the Rawdon Matter newsletter available and will be delivered to houses in the parish shortly.
please click on this link to download an electronic copy

Tonight's January 3rd 2018 Planning Committee meeting has been cancelled.


The Councillors of Rawdon Parish Council would like to welcome their newest member Peter Middleton. Peter was co-opted to the vacant seat following the resignation of David Ingham earlier in the year.
Phase 2 Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme - Consultation Events

Monday 02/10/2017
Horsforth Community Hub (library)
4 hour drop in consultation session
Covers Horsforth area of city reach. After reviewing potential locations the library is deemed the most suitable location for a drop in event. Not as close to the river as preferred but is a good hub for the community. Time period covers after school hours and people returning from work allowing them to attend.

Radio Aire Foyer and meeting room
4 hour drop in
Covers downstream section of Kirkstall within city reach. Time period covers after school hours and people returning from work allowing them to attend.

Apperley Bridge
George & Dragon pub car park
EA Incident Command Unit to be stationed in car park to host mobile drop in
Covers potential for flood storage at Apperley Bridge. Most suitable location in Apperley Bridge to hold drop in.

The Church in Rodley
EA Incident Command Unit to be stationed in car park to host mobile drop in
Covers potential for flood storage at Rodley Nature Reserve. Most suitable location in Rodley to hold event.

Kirkstall Leisure Centre
4 hour drop in session
Covers upstream section of Kirkstall within city reach. Adequate parking and facilities. Time period covers weekend giving those who can’t make it to other drop-in events through the week a chance to attend.

Sunday 29th October
Kirkstall Abbey
Stall at monthly Deli Market
Covers potential flood storage at Kirkstall Abbey/KVNR. Large footfall. Allows for people to attend who are unable to make midweek drop in sessions.


The examination by two Planning Inspectors of Leeds City Council’s proposed site allocations will be conducted in October 2017. Rawdon Parish Council has already submitted its objections to both the original proposal and the revised version that followed.

Leeds City Council’s plans would see housing built on Greenbelt throughout the area both in Rawdon and in neighbouring communities.

Rawdon Parish Council is taking a two pronged approach to funding challenges to Leeds Plans.

For direct representation on behalf of Rawdon

Rawdon Parish Council has committed £6000 to fund representation on our behalf by Kirkwells. Kirkwells are long established planning consultants who are already retained by Rawdon Parish Council to help deliver our Neighbourhood Plan. We will be represented at the examination by Michael Wellock who has over 25 years of experience in planning issues.

Direct funding towards Planning Barrister

The Yorkshire Greenspace Alliance has retained a very successful Planning Barrister to seek to prove, at the public hearings in October, that Leeds plans are not legally compliant. The Barrister is being funded entirely by donations. Rawdon Parish Council cannot contribute directly to the YGA as they have a remit that is far too wide, covering the whole of Yorkshire. However the Leeds Site Allocation examination could have such a dramatic impact on Rawdon residents that it was decided we should find a way to support the barrister’s funding. We took the decision, after taking advice, to offer £1000 towards the barrister’s fees that will be paid directly to her following the examination. That way we can ensure your money is used to best effect. The amount is sufficient to ensure the barrister is properly funded and can attend the examination.


The amount we are spending at this examination is equivalent to 17.5% of our annual revenue.

When Rawdon Parish Council was founded it was with the express intention of defending our green spaces from development and ensuring Rawdon retains its identity and nature.

This examination is the last chance we will have to attempt to overturn the City Council’s plans to build across our Greenbelt. It is what we were founded to do.

We know from the evidence we have gathered for the Neighbourhood Plan that this is an issue which is important to the vast majority of Rawdon residents and we want to do our utmost to get the best outcome possible for Rawdon.

The Following Letter has been received from Yorkshire Water 
Scheme Ref: S4473
Date 31/08/2017
Dear Occupier

Improvements to your water supply.
Installation of New Water Pipes in West End Lane, Horsforth
I am writing to you to let you know that on week commencing 11 September 2017 we’ll start work to replace old water pipes along West End Lane from the junction with Lee Lane West to near the junction with West Pasture Close and transferring all the services onto the new main that are affected. Our contract partner, Morrison Utility Services, will be doing this work on our behalf and anticipate the works to take approximately 4 weeks to complete. If this duration is likely to change due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will let you know.
We’ll do our best to minimise any disruption during the works, however sections of the road will be narrower for short periods and it will be necessary to close West End Lane between the junctions identified above during the works. A diversion will be put in place and access will be made available for those residents within the road closure so that parking where possible is still available for you. In addition, there may be some parking restrictions outside your properties when the works are in progress, however we will try to keep these to a minimum.
Whilst carrying out the work, we may need to turn off your water supply to make connections into the new water pipe. If this is necessary, you’ll receive a hand delivered card notifying you of the dates and times in advance.
We shouldn’t need to access your property, although occasionally we may need to, in order to check your stop tap. Before letting anyone into your home, please make sure you ask for identification, if you’re in any doubt please call us on the number below.
To support you with any queries before and through the duration of the works, we have allocated a customer services champion who will be able to assist you and escalate any issues you may have. Her name is Alicia Taylor and can be contacted on 0344 902 0227 Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am to 17.00pm. Alternatively you can speak to our teams or supervisor on site during the works who will assist you where possible or escalate on your behalf.
If the work outlined above is not directly outside your property, we are notifying you of the work in the vicinity and to let you know of any impact it may have on traffic and parking in the area.
If you need to contact us out of the above hours, we have our Contact Centre on 0345 1 24 24 24, this is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.
Thank you for your patience and support during these works and I apologise in advance of any inconvenience that this may cause to you.
Yours faithfully
Michael Tunnicliffe
Project Manager
Service Delivery
Yorkshire Water Services

Yorkshire Water will be
carrying out works to reconstruct the access chamber to the sewer that serves
Kirkstall Forge on Abbey Road
Works will begin outside of the Forge works entrance on Monday 14th August and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete
Given the location and the size of the excavations that will be required throughout the various stages of the work, two way traffic lights will be in operation throughout the full duration
Works have been planned to coincide with the summer holidays when traffic is somewhat lighter but the lights will be manually operated between 0630 – 1900 each day to ensure that the queues are being managed as efficiently as possible
7 day working will be carried out to ensure that the scheme is completed before the beginning of the new school term
Local consultation has been carried out on behalf of Yorkshire Water and advanced warning signs have been placed on site to forewarn regular users of Abbey Road
Yorkshire Water’s contractors have also put out a press release to alert the wider public

The Rawdon Neighbourhood Development Plan Draft Consultation
The Rawdon Neighbourhood Development Plan is being produced by the Rawdon Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, comprising members of Rawdon Parish Council and the local community.
You will shortly be receiving a questionnaire through your doors from the Parish Council, we need your help to let us know your thoughts on the local Neighbourhood Plan and by completing and returning the questionnaire you will be helping in shaping the future of your community. alternatively you can complete the survey using the link below. Please encourage everyone in your household to complete the survey, even the children.

Leeds City Council has prepared Pre Submission Changes to its draft Site Allocations Plan prior to submission to the Secretary of State for independent examination.
If you wish to make comments about the Pre Submission Changes to the Site Allocations Plan these must be made within the 6 week period between 13th February and 27th March 2017 (5pm).
Statement of Representation
Local Plan Newsletter February 2017
Congratulations to Sophia & Zachary winners of the Rawdon at Christmas Treasure Hunt 2016. Councillor Buxton will be in touch with your parents to arrange giving you your prizes.

                                          8th November
2016,  4pm – 7pmYeadon Town Hall
Consultation Drop in Session
Please join us at our consultation drop in event. We would like to know your thoughts on two key issues for Leeds City Council.
The Future of Transport for our City - we want to know your thoughts on transport in Leeds and plans for transport investment across the city, including ideas for how you might like to see the additional monies, from central government, of £173.5m spent.
Leeds Culture Strategy – we will also be asking residents to feed into our new culture strategy and to share any ideas for Leeds’ 2023 bid to become the European capital of culture.
All residents are welcome to call in to the session and we would be grateful if you could please forward on this invitation to anyone who you think might be interested in coming along.
We look forward to seeing you there,
Communities Team (West North West)
Leeds City Council, 1st Floor, Brownlee Stone Centre, Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5BL
(0113 336 7858)
West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Consultation Rawdon Parish Council has submitted the following response to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Consultation, if you have views on transport in Leeds, please go on line and fill in the survey at www.leeds.gov.uk/transportconversation or alternatively email yourtravelyoursay@westyorks-ca.gov.ukRawdon Parish Council Comments
"The Parish Council has carried out extensive work through
its neighbourhood plan processes to gather the views of its residents and
specifically sought views last autumn on the proposals for an airport link
road.  A copy of the response to the LCC consultation is attached along
with a copy of the Parish Council’s response to the Airport Masterplan
Consultation.The Parish Council believes that the Combined Authority should take into account all consultation responses received by Leeds City Council when reviewing the responses to the current conversation as it believes that responses to this reflect the views of its residents.
The Summary Consultation document states that the Combined Authority seeks to improve surface access to the airport yet the only proposal to do this is the access/link road. This the Parish Council feels does nothing to address the problems of road access to the airport which are largely as a result of the wider road network being at or beyond existing and foreseeable capacity.
The Parish Council also notes that roads are only one means of surface access and that the money it is proposed to spend on one road would have a greater impact if it was spent on an airport station on the Harrogate Line."
RPC Consultation Response Feb 2016

Airport Consultation Response Rawdon Parish Council April 2016
Leeds Local Development Framework – Housing Standards
Development Plan Document (DPD) Consultation
Early consultation has begun on the Housing Standards Development Plan Document (DPD). The Housing Standards DPD is being prepared as part of the Development Plan for Leeds, known as the Local Development Framework (LDF). This Plan seeks to introduce internal design standards for minimum size of dwellings and accessible housing.
The Housing Standards DPD is in the early stages of preparation and this early consultation is primarily concerned with identifying the key issues facing Leeds. It is hoped that this initial consultation will encourage debate and identify further issues and options. Comments are welcomed until 28th July. Leading on from this, wider public consultation will be undertaken to develop firmer options.
The comments received as part of this consultation will inform the preparation of a Publication Draft Housing Standards DPD which will then be published and you will have the right to formally comment during a formal 6 week public consultation period.
Subsequently your views will be considered by an independent Government appointed inspector, who will then make recommendations that the Council will be required to adopt. It is envisaged that the Housing Standards DPD will be adopted as a formal plan by the end of Summer 2017.
The Plan is subject to formal public consultation for 6 weeks from 23rd June 2016 until 28th July 2016 .
You can submit comments in the following way:
Email: LDF@leeds.gov.uk or alternatively by
Post: Housing Standards DPD, Plans and Policies Group, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD.
Details of this consultation can also be viewed online at www.leeds.gov.uk/ldf
Police and Crime Commissioner consultation
a new consultation entitled ‘Your Priorities, Your Plan’
to find out what matters to the public, police and partners across the county
to inform the new Police and Crime Plan for 2016-21.
For more information and to complete the survey visit www.westyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/your-priorities-your-plan.aspx,
or to request a survey call (01924) 294000

World Triathlon Series
On the weekend of June 11th/12th 2016, Leeds will
host a leg of the World Triathlon Series.The main event will be on Sunday 12th which will consist of an amateur/mass participation event (3 distances) in the morning and then Elite Women and Elite Men in the afternoon.On Saturday 11th a “GoTri” event will be centred in and around Roundhay Park. For full details click here.
Rawdon Parish Council
Leeds City Council election results Horsforth Electorate : 16865 Turnout : 42.21
Hall Ben 421 Green Party
McCargoIan Joseph 1945 Labour and Co-operative Party
O'Callaghan Richard John 1923 The Conservative Party Candidate
Tattersall Roger Facer 462 UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Townsley Chris 2329 ELECTED Liberal Democrats

Guiseley and Rawdon Electorate : 18078 Turnout : 40.2
Bowe David Robert 2114 Labour Party
Buxton Bob 741 Yorkshire First
Dowling Simon Mark 367 Liberal Democrats
Jeffries Lesley 255 Green Party
Latty Graham Naylor 3177 ELECTED The Conservative Party Candidate
Parker Lynn Christine 571 UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Following on from the Airports consultation over the proposed link road, the chairman of the council has written to the chief executive of the airport (a full copy can be seen on the Airport Link Road Page under the Planning and Infrastructure section), alternatively click here to download a copy)
This letter has received  favourable press coverage in the Wharfedale Observer,
Consultation meeting on airport masterplan was "merely a gesture"

Airport Consultation Response Rawdon Parish Council April 2016
a full copy can be seen on the Airport Link Road Page under the Planning and Infrastructure section), alternatively click here to download a copy)

The Parish Councils Formal response to Leeds City Council can be downloaded here
RPC Consultation Response Feb 2016 
Rawdon Parish Council’s View
(Airport Link Road Flyer, click here to download)

Leeds City Council is trying to force a choice between their three options for an airport link road. Rawdon Parish Council does not support any of the three options and we urge you to let Leeds City Council know that all three options are inappropriate.
Rawdon Parish Council believe that Leeds City Council has no coherent strategy for transport infrastructure in the City, it focuses on one high profile project at a time and as a result it fails to properly consider all available solutions. This leads to expensive white elephant projects that fail to deliver on their stated aims.
Rawdon Parish Council believe:
·All three options depend on traffic using Horsforth roundabout to which no further improvements are proposed and which even after £2.5 million in improvements is still barely able to cope with existing traffic. All three also depend on other problem areas for access such as the river Aire Bridge and Horsforth New Road Side, with no improvements planned
·The vast majority of traffic accessing the airport does so from directions that would not include any of the proposed new routes in their journey. Based on Rawdon Parish Council’s traffic survey only 5% of airport traffic uses the A65 (Routes A and B) and 19% uses a combination of the A65, Green Lane and Harrogate Road (partly Route C). There is no evidence offered to justify any of the routes on the basis of demand. Connecting the airport directly to the A65 via a new road is a flawed strategy.
·It is inappropriate to use Harrogate Road as part of a strategic route. Harrogate Road is central to a residential area and has numerous side roads connecting to it as well as a large school and other facilities generating a high pedestrian footfall. Its previous designation as an A road was downgraded in the 1970s as a result and there is no new justification for reversing that decision.
·Options A and B offer very poor value for money, benefitting only a small percentage of airport users with very high costs.
·It is inappropriate for Leeds to consider infrastructure changes around the airport in isolation, both from different means of accessing the airport and from other infrastructure projects in the City and the region. Leeds must first develop a coherent transport strategy with a vision for transport throughout the city and its connections to the whole region.
·In opting to build a link road, the possibility of a railway station at Bramhope tunnel was dismissed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Council because it would involve a shuttle bus to transfer passengers. The use of cars to access the airport also involves the use of such shuttle buses from car park to the terminal. It is, therefore, wrong to exclude the station on those grounds.
·Leeds is to have one of the largest rail hubs in the country, connecting existing networks with HS2 and HS3 and yet will only connect to the airport via the existing road network and a token ‘link road’. This is a further demonstration of the disjointed approach to transport in Leeds.
Rawdon Parish Council supports the building of a Parkway Station on the existing Harrogate Line at Bramhope Tunnel as a first stage in improving public transport access to the airport. We believe that this will not only benefit the airport but will also help satisfy the existing demand from commuters and relieve pressure on residential roads currently being used as all day car parks by commuters using Horsforth Station as an unofficial railhead to access Leeds. A station at this location would cost significantly less than road options A and B, would connect the airport to a far wider transport infrastructure, offering the potential for regular direct trains to London Kings Cross and would represent significantly better value for money than a token link road.
·Airport connectivity cannot be addressed in isolation from the wider transport network. The current process should be suspended and a broader, coherent transport strategy should be developed based on comprehensive and up to date evidence.

Airport Link Road Survey.

Below s a link to the Airport Link Road survey that appears in the latest Rawdon Matters newsletter, please click on the link below to let us know your views.

Airport Link Road Survey

The latest edition of Rawdon Matters is now available for download, please click on the link below.
Rawdon Matters Issue 6

/Rawdon-PC/UserFiles/Files/Poster Public Meeting link road.pdf

Airport Link Road
The up coming initial public
consultation on the A65 – Airport – A658 Link Road.  

The initial public consultation has been extended with new drop in dates added, the consultation will now run from Monday 23rd
November 2015 to Friday 26th February 2016. Leeds City Council
are seeking views on three options to improve access to the airport. Improving
surface access to the airport has been identified as a key need to support its
future growth as well as tackling existing congestion and traffic issues in the
local road network.

Details of the three proposed options for initial
consideration, a map and supporting information can be seen at www.leeds.gov.uk/AirportLinkRoad.
An online questionnaire will be made available on the Leeds City Council website from Monday
23rd November, when the public consultation period begins.